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Flange Joint Sets

Flange Jointing Sets

Since the company was established in 1967, Kebrell Nuts & Bolts Ltd rapidly gained market leadership in specialist pipe jointing systems, dedicating our efforts towards specific industry requirements such as Water, Gas and Petrochemical.

The complete range of Kebrell flange jointing sets is designed to cover all popular flange jointing applications involving pipes and fittings made from different materials. The range has been rationalised ensuring that the number of stock items required to cover a complete range of applications is minimised. Furthermore the Kebrell range has been designed to accommodate all popular makes of flanged fittings, regardless of dimensional differences.

Each Kebrell flange joint set is comprised of the exact quantity of bolts, nuts and washers, complete with the appropriate gasket. Smaller sizes are packed in strong, recyclable polyethylene bags complete with identification labels. Larger sizes are packed in cardboard cartons and labelled accordingly.

All of these products supplied by Kebrell Nuts & Bolts Ltd are WRAS and DWI approved.

Standard produced gaskets include IBC, 2 Lug and Full Face. Other profile types can be designed to meet individual customer requirements and a range of alternative bolt finishes are available.


WRAS Approved Products

Technical Support

For any technical questions regarding our range of flange jointing sets, please contact our Utilities team on +44 (0) 121 526 6049.